The 10th International Clinic

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We are the latest music industry trends for all age and experience levels, we have showcased the finest performances from around the globe and offers guests interested in music education an array of master class and master lecture, all the musicians, educators and people passionate about music education of all skill levels are gathered in Hsinchu County for the largest music conference of its kind, come and join us!


Date: July 15th, 2017 (Sat.) - July 16th, 2017 (Sun.)

Venue: Concert Hall of Hsinchu County


  1. 管樂團合奏訓練技法 

  2. 管樂團指揮法                         講師:郭聯昌

  3. 清水大輔的音樂世界               講師:清水大輔

  4. 2017最新管樂合奏作品介紹

  5. 2017最新重奏作品介紹



  1. 小號高音吹奏技巧練習

  2. 如何穩定法國號吹奏音色

  3. 如何吹奏完美長號滑音

  4. 上低音號每日練習課題

  5. 如何提升低音號吹奏時呼吸效能

  6. 如何提升木琴的打擊技巧

  7. 如何吹出多樣的長笛音色

  8. 單簧管竹片的挑選與保養

  9. 雙簧管簧片對吹奏的影響

  10. 沙克斯風基礎練習法


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