Tequila Wind Orchestra

Tequila Wind Orchestra was formed and established by college students who love wind instruments. People from all walks of life were grouped and exert themselves to creat the exquisite melody for those who have a passion in music. The name "Tequila" was the transcription from Spanish. Tequila is the name of spirits and also symbolizes our performance, which means that you'll get drunk in it. Just like the taste of tequila, we love wind instruments purely. In Mexico, tequila is exported and is the main support of their economics. So, in all of products, tequila is strongly restricted by the law. To us, tequila is not only the symbol of music but the mental food. Some said tequila is so spicy and makes one highly jolly. Yet, others said it's fragrant and intrigues everyone. As the result, we look forward to bring you the feast like tequila.

Conductor  Chung-Jen Fang

Mr. Chung-Jen Fang finished his bachelor's degree in Soochow University Music Department, and also Master's degree in the National Taiwan Normal University Music Department, and he was also the first person who got the trombone performance diploma since the school has established. Where he had his apprenticeship with Mr. Chao Ming CHANG and Mr. Kuang Ching SUNG. He started his firsts trombone lessons with Mr.Chong-Wen KAO back to his high school days.

He was the winner of the National Student Competition of Music, the only one finalist of the third TSB Concerto Competition, and the winner of Mock Audition in the 5th Chinbone Trombone Seminar organized by the Taiwanese trombone maestro, principal trombone of Taiwan National Symphony Orchestra Mr. Kuang Ching SUNG.

As a performer, he currently plays in Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra, Wind Band of Taipei Symphony Orchestra. His guest playing experiences includes playing in Taiwan National Symphong Orchestra, Evergreen Symphony Orchestra ,Winds of the Angel Symphony Bandand some well-known domestic ensembles.

As a teacher, Fang is actively teaching basic and fundamentals to the middle and high school students as one of the important part of education in Taiwan. He currently serves as the director in Originality Trombone Ensemble, conductor in Kainan University and Taipei Municipal Dazhi High School, active trombone teacher in high schools around his residence.

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