Li-shan Junior High School  Band

Li-shan Junior High School  Band was founded in 2002. At the time when Teacher Lin first came to Li-shan, he didn’t even know where the school was. However, in this unfamiliar junior high school, after seeing the terrible school band, his zeal for music had driven him to overcome difficulties and founded a real band, a band that performed beautiful music.

In addition to the extra curricular class, no class is left for the band, so Teacher Lin and the students practiced during the nap time after lunch and on Sunday morning. Step by step, they formed an ideal band.

One year passed, and it was time for our band to first show itself in a competition. Performing on those borrowed and almost broken instruments, our band surprisingly defeated won the second place! The following years, our band had always got good grades and even won the first place in the east area! Our band had spoken for itself and approved the effort and that the teacher and all the students had made.

There are band A, band B, band for competition and the school fellow band, in Li-shan Junior High School Band. Besides all the effort Teacher Lin and the students have made, the Parents Supporting Group and the school also support a lot, and even school fellows who have been graduated often come back to school and encourage the band. These people help the band to develop into such a wonderful and successful one. With those music lover’s effort, Li-shan Junior High School Band will keep growing and shining in the future.

Conductor   Tsen-Ling Lin

Born in Tainan County, Taiwan, Lin"s representative works are as follows: Chirping of Birds in the Creek, A Silly One, A Past Old Mail (monody), A Place with Waning Lights (solo), Homeland of Egrets (duet), Silence(trio), Out of the Depth of Misfortune Comes Bliss (string quartet), Frolic (wood-wind quintet), A Tranquil Secluded Place, Cursory (traditional Chinese orchestral sestet), The Long-drawn-out Heaven and Earth ( septet), Butterflies Lingering over Flowers, Allegro for Orchestra (Orchestra), The Monologue in the Ancient Time (violin concerto). He has won some major awards including the literary and artistic creation award from Ministry of Education and an award from the Formosa Violin Concerto Competition held by Council for Cultural Affairs, Taiwan. His works have been published in Taipei, Los Angeles, Washington, New York, and Austria. At the present time, he is pursuing his doctorate majoring in composition in the Graduate School of Music, National Taiwan Normal University. In learning composition, he was once under the instruction of Professor YongMing Chen, Yen Lu , TzyyShen Lee , XingKuei Tzeng, ShiWen Chin. Now he also serves as a part-time teacher in Department of Music of Taiwan University of Art and Soochow University.

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