National Chiayi University Symphony

National Chiayi University Symphony is National Chiayi Teachers College Orchestra originally. The teachers college is after setting up music education discipline the 82nd year of the Republic of China, as students increased year by year, scale have already, for offer student pluralism abundant study environment, in charge of orchestra original string music group one year, amalgamate augmentation and establish the orchestra, one can support teaching with talents of orchestra, substantiate orchestra with the teaching achievement. Is it let active promotion, music of dean to go through, under make joint efforts with all teachers and students, we already successfully in Taipei national music hall, Chia-yi municipal cultural center performing art Room and school this gentle luxuriant growth Room introduce several different song wind, concert in the form, get extremely good echoing.

Chiayi University four years ago, the first department of music Liang Yu-Ling director is it is it is it works orchestral music tutti especially to tie to classify as to perform. One of on the March 91 years at Taipei there is at Chiayi city cultural bureau music hall the ' night suite such as Taiwan ' and the November 15 of music hall not nationals with Japanese department orchestra ' the classical and new Alcohol ' outstanding behavior at two concerts, got extremely appraisal and definite from all walks of life, have established the good model for this department development goal too. And this school is in charge of and invited to participate in the tenth, performance in festival of the 11th international wind instrument of Chiayi in succession in the past two years in orchestra, also obtain the favorable comments from all walks of life. Since Professor Liu Rong-Yi takes over a dean in August of this year, promote teachers of this department more actively and invite and play a classic to come to the school to hold master's lecture internationally and famously regularly, is it improve student play ability and skill, expand category of playing, set about on play and train foundation of system in administrative respect to in the hope of, the affair specialization of diplomatic corps, the production progresses further. Except that hope to perform all kinds of to offer teachers and students to study and view and emulate the chance more, the touring performance plans of such counties and cities as the south, etc. That we actively promote clouds too well, in order to present the teaching achievement, make use of this to establish more interdynamic with artistic environment of reality beyond community and school. Our one is male as the centre so as to the people, drive the writing style of local skill to be angry, promote the local quality of the life, by up to and popularizing the ideal that art serves the home town, expect everybody to make a comment and encourage more!

Conductor   Chun-Hsien Chang

Dr. Chun-Hsien Chang was born in a rustic village in 1964. He shows obvious musical talent since his childhood. Currently Associate Professor at the Department of Music, NCYU, Dr. Chang received his B.M. at the National Taipei Teachers’ College, M.M. at the National Taiwan Normal University, and DA at the Northern Colorado University. He is the conductor of the NCYU Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, and teaches orchestral literature, orchestration and conducting courses at the NCYU. As a conductor, Dr. Chang is known for his delicacy and exuberance. While being a full-scholarship exchange scholar at the University of Northern Colorado, Dr. Chang led the UNC Symphony Orchestra in many fine performances, including the premiere of Dr. E. Copley’s Symphony No. 10, which garnered rave reviews, and was awarded the First Prize in the American Collegiate Orchestral Competition hosted by the Down Beat Magazine. His mentors include Dr. Russell Guyver and Prof. Da-Shien Chang. Besides teaching full time at the NCYU, Dr. Chang is also a notable guest director and judge in the music competition of Taiwan.

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