The C.Y.C. Wind Orchestra

The C.Y.C. Wind Orchestra was established in May,1977 throught the combined support of the Ministry of Education and the China Youth Corps. The China Youth Corps headquarters supervises all of the training and organization.

Former conductors include Prof. Chang, Da-Shen, Prof. Chen, Chen-Hsiung and Prof. Kuo, Lian-Chang. At present leadership is in the handsof Prof. Yeh, Shu-Han with Prof. Tuan, Chih-Wei as associate conductor, and Chou, Wen-Wen, Chang, Hung-Yu serving as section coaches. The 55 participants that currently comprise the ensemble hail from the nation’s many fine academic institution, and represent the wealth of Taiwan’s musical talent.

The Band’s regular practice time is every Saturday from 2-5PM in the China Youth Corps building. Additional practices are scheduled during winter and summer vacations to meet the demands of frequent performance.

The Band holds one or two annual concerts in National Concert Hall and also accompanies various cultural activities. Moreover, the ensemble often participates in national ceremonies, and in the invitation of both domestic and foreign organization, conducts annual tours of nation. Additionally, the bands’ reputation has spread abroad, resulting in performances in United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and China.

The C.Y.C. Wind Orchestra accolades are both numerous and diverse. Participate in the International Youth Music Awards in the United States yielded the 3A Prize in 1984 and the prestigious Best Performance Award in 1977, 1980, 1989 and 1992. In 1995,1997,2005 and 2009 the band made appearances at the World Association for Symphonic Band and Ensemble (WASBE) conference .On both occasions, the C.Y.C. Wind Orchestra served as the sole representative from Chinese-speaking world. In 2002, the Band won the first prize in the Fourth Asian Symphonic Band Competition held in Thailand.

In the 33 years that passed since its inception, the C.Y.C. Wind Orchestra had participated in at least 350 performances worldwide. In addition to direct impact by providing a fertile training ground for marry of Taiwans’ professional orchestral musicians.

Conductor      Shu-Han Yeh

Shu-Han Yeh began his trumpet lessons with SHU De-Ju at the age of sixteen. After graduating from the music department of the National Taiwan Normal University in 1980, he was given scholarship by the French Government in 1982 to study at the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique de Paris (CNSMP), where he furthered his studies with Marcel LAGORCE, principal trumpet of the Orchestre de Paris. He graduated from CNSMP with the diploma of distinction, Premier Prix in 1984. In Paris, he was also a member of the Orchestre de Prix du CNSMP as well as Orchestre de Concert Pasdelop.

In 1984, YEH Shu-Han was invited to Singapore to serve as the sub-principal trumpet of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, and at the same time, he taught at the National Singapore University and Singapore Youth Orchestra.

In 1986, he was asked by the Taiwanese Ministry of Education to return to Taiwan and serve as principal trumpet of the National Symphony Orchestra, conductor of the China Youth Corps Youth Band, and professor at the National Taiwan Normal University and National Institute of the Arts.

In the same year, he was awarded the Best Instrumental Performance and Best Recording of the National Jin-Ding Prize. He has made six recordings for solo performance and four with the brass quintet. Of all, five recordings won the Best Instrumentalist of the Golden Bell Award, and in 1994, Carnival of the Venice won the Best Instrumental Player. The latest recording with the Dutch Royal Military Band for Alfred Reed’s trumpet concert has been also made an entry to the same award as well.

Yeh Shu-Han has been very active in promoting music education in Taiwan, not only by organizing his own quintet, but also by serving as president of the Asia and Pacific Band Directors Association Taiwan Band Association and, member of board International Trumpet Guild.

In addition to being active in Taiwan, he often gives performance abroad. In 1989, he was invited to perform in Hong Kong and United States, and in the same year, he performed with the Beijing Central Philharmonic Orchestra at the Macau Art Festival. Since 1990, he has been invited to Japan to give solo concerts and play solos with Japanese orchestras every year. In 1997, he played the Alfred Reed’s trumpet concerto in Austria, Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan and Korea, which received high acclaim everywhere.

This trumpet concerto was written exclusively for YEH Shu-Han by Alfred Reed himself.

In addition to be a performer, Shu-Han Yeh is also known its name as composer and arranger. His music has been published by Robert Martin in France and Andreas Schorer in Germany.

He has invited a number of world-famous wind music masters to Taiwan as well, such as Frederick Fennell, Alfred Reed, Roger Boutry, James Swearingen, Robert Sheldon and David Shaffer, aiming to give people more opportunity to listen to fine music, and at the same time, to develop the quality of wind music in Taiwan.

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