Tsai-Yuan Art and Culture Education Foundation

The foundation was established by the current Director of the Board as well as the CEO Ms. Zhenjuan Xu in June, 1997. It is Taiwan’s first public welfare foundation with music as the central theme, which is evident in the foundation’s central mission statement being “To the public’s welfare with Art.” The foundation currently sponsors five music performing groups in which the members consisted of young, dedicated, and loving music professionals. It is their desire to devote themselves into public welfare activities, repay the society with what they have learned and enjoyed. Tsai-Yuan insists to pass the musical notes to every corner that needs love, to embrace the disadvantaged and share with them the empathy of the society, to nurse and care those who are sick, and to bring spiritual sunshine to the heart of those are incarcerated. The purpose of establishing Tsai-Yuan (The Garden of Color and Spirit) is to assist those in society who have lost heart in life in an organized and planned fashion, gradually bring joy and hope into their hearts through music in a positive way. Throughout those passing years, Tsai-Yuan regularly conducted public welfare/charity music performances, academic music forums, joint concert performances, and a series of “campus, healthcare units, community, and correction institution tour” which has brought choir members to orphanages, juvenile correction centers, healthcare units, remote villages and township communities, and correction institutions. Where others do not want or care to go, Tsai-Yuan steps forward to embrace. However, more awaits to be done, and there are much more room for improvement; Tsai-Yuan looks forward to your assisting us in assisting others. Embrace those who need embraces with us, and light the candles of love and spread the seeds of love with us in the coming years.

Tsai-Yuan Mixed Choirs

Tsai-Yuai Women Choirs

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