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The Dance Company introduces the Dance Company the environment and the geographical position: 'the kinetic energy dance collection' starts in 87 year in February, is accompanied by a crowd to have the dance music specialty young dancer to do farm work our next generation, every year has the innovation different work, for Danshui Town only take the fine dance performance as the specialized dance theater, the foundation member to be engaged in Mr./Mrs. Liu of for a long time Wenjun the dance education.

The dance directs the sending out Republic of China inherent spirit which and take Taiwan village beautiful Taiwan does not stop as the boundary dance subject, also the modern dance technique reorganization innovation in the dance work, performs under the open and bright health's situation, each work all carefully choreographs a dance by way of each specialized dancer the innovation to get rid of the popular dance show, trains the young dancer personally in Mr./Mrs. Liu to the big dancer, the specialist training dancer unfolds the body movement the side to, receives high praise of appreciation the people from all walks of life affirmation; By the comprehensive selection, will continue to plan positively in the future with arranges the good dance program, the investment dance development ranks! 'the kinetic energy dance collection' located at facing Kuanyinshan and famous “the fresh water evening glow” “the fresh water river bank” is Taiwan in a right way Laokay eight big scenery.

From 88 to during 89 years carries on the street widening project in Republic of China, the sidewalk which the granite 舖 supposes, Laokay residents coordinates the facade to restore the old the renovation, in addition the neat advertisement's plan, became has attracted tourist's beautiful street, had an artistic terrestrial reference in Laokay's entrance “the skill navigation Shanghai tail”, the center-section had a length 16 meter fever ceramic art wall, when was in 2004 the fresh water art festival, the artist created the fever ceramic authentic work unprepared by Danshui Town. Leads the way also has the commemoration to the fresh water influence very deep Mackay doctor's Mackay statue park, has the clear water founder temple, to bless and protect the palace, Shanghai tail Mackay historical sites along the road and so on medicine hall, fresh water church.

Except visits quietly tasteful scenic spots in Laokay, in Laokay's characteristic store is window-shops and enjoys the good food the good place. Often arrived at holiday afternoon, always sees the fresh water DORTS station to cover in the dense crowd. Human spirit exuberant fresh water, not only, because its scenery is famous, its snack attracts the primary cause which all quarters gluttonous guest comes to see a famous person with admiration.

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