The Music Depatment of Fu-jen University Jazz Band

The Jazz Band of the Music Department of Fu Jen Universitywas established in 2009. The group is the result of the passion of Cheng-yu Lee. It is assembled by students of the music department and students from other departments who are interested in Jazz music. These jazz lovers gather together weekly to practices and passionately present their performance to the public each school term. Even though the band has established only for 3 years, the music it played throughout the years was greatly loved by all. During the years of 2009 and 2011, the Jazz Band has been co-directed twice by the famous Jazz Music Education and Conductor Dr. Gene Aitken as the Guest Conductor of the group.

Uner the direction and efforts of both Cheng-yu Leeand Dr. Gene Aitken, we have established the jamey Aebersold Jazz Studio in the FJU Music Department and will continue our efforts on promoting the education of Jazz music.

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