2020 The Taiwan Band Clinic 
14th–16th , August, 2020 -- Taipei, Taiwan 

Taiwan Band Clinic Music provides stages for outstanding and impressive wind bands and also popularizes the education of wind music. Since previous years, Taiwan Band Clinic has invited many international famous and superior musicians to hold lectures for young junior clinicians. There will feature numerous domestic and international musicians all together to join Taiwan Band Clinic Every year. 

At the 2020 Taiwan Band Clinic, we are pleased to invite the world-famous conductors, directors, and musicians to come to Taiwan for this huge event. We expect through a series of Clinics, International Wind Band Competition, International Concerts, and Music Exhibition, we could not only advance our music ability but have the opportunity to exchange experiences from different countries.  


Taiwan Band Director Association 
Taiwan Band Director Association (TBDA) is a corporation with multi-typed music to achieve the goal of music exchange and which is aimed at the popularization of wind band music, orchestra music, jazz music, and chamber music. 
The fashion of performing art in Taiwan is rising in recent years. In order to create a high performance atmosphere, improve the performance of the wind band’s quality to approach the purpose of learning through teaching. The event began in 2007. Since the First Annual Taiwan Clinic until now, it arouses numerous well-known wind band music, orchestra music, jazz music, chamber music, and musicians annually. 
In addition, Taiwan Clinic gains recognition of many master musicians and also the government agencies and private organizations which are really receiving affirmation of this international activity. 
There is no doubt that Taiwan Clinic is considerate positively as an international musical event. 


Event Schedule 
14–16 August 2020

1. Concert   
Taiwan Band Clinic is one of the most famous music festivals in Taiwan; it holds concerts, wind band competitions, clinics, and international music exhibition. The concert is one of the largest events in Taiwan Band Clinic and seeking to provide the best stage for all excellent bands. The goal is to offer attendances to have the best stage experience and to learn from each other from this opportunity. 

2. Clinic   
We are the latest music industry trends for all age and experience levels, we have showcased the finest performances from around the globe and offers guests interested in music education an array of master class and master lecture, all the musicians, educators and people passionate about music education of all skill levels are gathered in Taipei for the largest music conference of its kind, come and join us! 

3. International Wind Band Competition   
The aim of the International Wind Band Competition in Taiwan is to offer a stage to all of the excellent young bands and to help these young musicians gain an international reputation. In the first five years, we’ve organized the National Wind Band Competition, and have received a lot of positive responses. In 2011, the 1st International Wind Band Competition in Taiwan was held successfully in Sanchoung, New Taipei City Government. There were numerous excellent young bands from Asia: Hong-Kong, China, Malaysia, and Taiwan. We are very glad to see each band showing their effort in music and their high-standard performance has also been appreciated by judges. Due to its success, the organizer kept working hard to organize this competition in 2020, we are going to hold the International Wind Band Competition. 


4. International Wind Ensemble Competition   

The aim of the International Wind Ensemble Competition in Taiwan is to offer a stage to all of the excellent young wind ensemble groups and to help these young musicians gain an international reputation. In the past 11 years, we have been successfully holding wind band competition. Due to its success, the organizer starts the wind ensemble competition from 2019, and keeps working hard to organize this competition in 2020, we are going to hold the International Wind Ensemble Competition. 


5. International Wind Band Composition Competition    

Taiwan Band Director Association (TBDA) advocates the creation of original music by establishing a comprehensive platform of music composition, publishing, advertising, and promotion. TBDA encourages composers from around the world to present their original work and advance the quality and quantity of musical works. This competition aims to discover new talents, cultivate innovative composers, enrich Taiwan wind band music, and build an open platform where composers can readily discuss their craft. It is a clear statement to the international community that Taiwan champions musical diversity and vitality.

6. Music Exhibition   
This is a special exhibition dedicated to music. There will be a variety of music-related manufacturers to display different products or collections so that the public can better understand the music and the surrounding development. It is hoped that the installation of stalls will enable arts and entertainment activities to face up to the economic needs and enhance the industry's willingness to participate actively in arts activities. 


1. Please fill out the Application Form and email all of the attachments to the organizer.   
    Email address: taiwanclinic@gmail.com  
2. The deadline for registration:15th May 2020. 
3. If you would like to cancel or modify the registration, please email the correct one before   

    31 May 2020. After 31 May 2020, all fee is not refundable. 

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