The Affiliated Hua Gang Symphonic Band of the Western Music Department of Chinese Culture University

Hua Gang Symphonic Band was previously established as Hua Gang Concert Band in 1991, the members of which mainly consisted of the students who major in wind instruments from the Western Music Department of Chinese Culture University, the students from the Graduate School of Arts, and the students who were enthusiastic and interested in wind ensemble. Under the leadership of Professor Fu-xuan Duan, each year's performing results were fruitful.

In 1999, being managed with exertion by its instructors and students, the members of Hu Gang Concert Band became a larger group day by day and its instrumentation was more complete than ever. Therefore, its name was changed to Hua Gang Symphonic Band to augment the repertoires and performing styles, to pursue further refinement and to lift up the level of wind ensemble.

Hua Gang Symphonic Band provides a wide variety of repertoires, including classics adapted from the works for orchestras, typical wind music, accuracy-demanding modern music, popular jazz music, adaptations of pop music, Taiwanese composers' original works, Taiwanese local folk music, etc. Famous instructors of wind ensemble in Taiwan, like Mr. Hao-ran Zheng, Mr. Yi-wen Cai, Mr. Ren-bin Lin and so on, are continually invited as guest conductors. Through this kind of plural learning, students can increase their knowledge and perspectives toward music under different conductors. Mr. Fu-xuan Duan always encourages students to be the soloist in a concerto or to be the conductor. Students can learn to improve their future performing careers in this way of making different experiences.

Professor Fu-xuan Duan, present instructor of Hua Gang Symphonic Band, is leading the band in such an educational way as the motto of “Root downward; guide juniors”, expecting more fruitful performing results in the future to introduce wind music to more people and to reach the goal of "There’s nothing better than music to transform social manners."

Conductor   Fu shain, Tuan

Mr. Tuan started to play the tuba when he was still in junior high school with lessons from his first tuba teacher Lo, Kwang-wu. Tuan graduated from the National Taiwan Academy of the Arts in 1983. In 1987, Tuan received from the Ministry of Education (R.O.C), a four-year, all expense paid scholarship to study in France. Tuan was admitted to the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique de Paris with high scores on the entrance exam. His teacher was Professor Fernand Lelong, Solo Tubist of the Paris Symphony Orchestra.

In 1990, Tuan graduated with a 2nd Place awarded in Tuba and a 1st Place award in chamber music. In 1988, Tuan was admitted to the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, and graduated in 1990 where he was awarded the Highest Rendition Diploma by unanimous decision of the jury. During Tuan’s which toured the major cities in Europe.

Upon his return to Taiwan in 1990, Tuan entered the National Symphony Orchestra, Taiwan as tubbiest and took-up teaching positions at the National College of Arts, the National Taipei Normal College, Fu-Jen Catholic University and the Chinese Cultural University. Also in 1990, Tuan joined the Yeh, Shu-Han Brass Quintet, a group which has toured throughout Taiwan, China and all over the world.

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