Izumi-Chuo High School Wind Orchestra

 Izumi-Chuo High School is a private high school in Izumi-shi, Kagoshima which was established 63 years ago. There are currently 975 students attending our school. After graduation, students go to university, vocational college or become a care worker and a nurse. Students are studying with various goals. Therefore, there are also many students from far off places and about 40 percent of students are living in the dormitory

The founding spirit of our school is “A spirit of cooperation”. That is, it is based on the education philosophy that “cooperation of people” makes human beings happy. In order to embody it, we made the school motto “Cooperation”  “Discipline” “Work” and we are trying hard to accomplish it every day.

In addition, our school lay emphasis on not only studying but also club activities. Above all, the baseball club, the soccer club, the marathon relay race club and the wind orchestra have achieved good results.

Conductor  Reiji Fukushima

Mr. Fukushima had been teaching music at junior high schools in Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan for 38 years until 2004. During this period, the wind orchestras he conducted won a lot of competitions. In 2005, he started working at Izumi Chuo High School in Kagoshima Prefecture. He finds it important to make a deep impression on people and to communicate with them through music; therefore, he holds regular concerts for local people several times a year.

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