Kawasaki Municipal Tachibana Senior High School Wind Orchestra

Kawasaki Municipal Tachibana Senior High School, which is located in the middle of Kawasaki City, was founded in 1942 as a prewar boy’s junior high school. It celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2012.

Tachibana Senior High School is one of the largest high schools in the prefecture, and it has 2 big gymnasiums, a multi-purpose room with a 200 inch screen and a 50-meter pool with 8 lanes officially endorsed by the Sports Authority. Many clubs have great success in many nationwide tournaments and championships.

Tachibana Wind Orchestra also practices hard every day under the instruction of Mr. Ryo Takada who graduated from Tachibana Senior High School in 1988. They joined the Wind Orchestra Contest in Eastern Kanto Region of Japan in 2005 and won the Golden Award. Since then, they joined this contest and got the award every year. Also in 2006, they won the President of the Association of Wind Orchestra of Japan Award and Music Eight Award, which is one of the biggest publishing companies of music scores.

In 2008, they were invited to the concert in Budokan, which is known as the dream concert hall for all musicians in Japan, to play with Joe Hisaishi, who is a famous musician for composing the music in the anime of Hayao Miyazaki. Then they played with him in the music TV program called Kohaku, which is the most popular TV program in Japan.

Tachibana Wind Orchestra holds a regular concert every year as their summation of the year. They play not only original wind orchestra music but also a wide range of music such as classical music and pop music. Especially, their popular music performance has a good reputation. They also play in local shopping malls and join school events actively.

Conductor  RYO TAKADA

TAKADA, Ryo as a conductor and a player of the marimba and the percussion

     Ryo Takada graduated from Senzoku Music College at the top of his class and won the Award of the Best Student from the College. He also won third place in Soloist Contest held by the Association of All Japan Music Players. He started his own recital concert in 1993 and held the 25th recital last year. He has valued his costume in his stage performances, so he is also known as a visually oriented player of the marimba. He released his debut album “Rush Out” in 2000 and it was ranked in top 10 in the hit chart of Japan. And his second album “Colorful” was released in 2010. He has led the ensemble group “La Festa” and “Ryo’s Factory”. He has also been a judge of the All Japan Wind Orchestra Contest and Ensemble Contest. He has conducted several bands and school bands and Youth Wind Orchestra which he has conducted won the Silver Award in All Japan Wind Orchestra Contest in 2015.

     Now he is teaching at Senzoku Music College, Yaei Art School and working for Tachibana Wind Orchestra as a music director.

Conductor       Hidetatsu Muranaka

HidetastuMuranaka graduated from TamagawaGakuen High School. He won the Golden Award in the All Japan Wind Orchestra Contest when he was a 10th and 11th grade student. He played in the band for the special performance in commemoration of its fifth Golden Award when he was 12th grade student. He graduated from Kunitachi Music College majoring in Tuba. He studied under the late Mr. Kiyoshi Oishi, Mr. Kenichi Osawa and Mr. TadayoshiHosoda. He played in Tokyo Disneyland Opening Orchestra, Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra, and some orchestras in Tokyo. He started working in Kawasaki as a music teacher in 1990. He has been teaching in Tachibana Senior High School for 11 years.

     Now he is the vice chief director of the Association of Wind Orchestra of Kawasaki and the director of the Association of Wind Orchestra of Kanagawa.

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