Halle Percussion Ensemble

Halle Percussion Ensemble is a young, award-winning band of six percussionists playing various types of percussion instruments and turning them into a unique, extraordinary sound. The band has given successful concerts in Germany and other European countries.

Founded ten years ago by percussionist Stelian Andronic at the George Frederic Handel Music Academy in Halle, Germany, the ensemble has won several awards at contests for young jazz musicians in Germany.

The current band members have been playing together since 2009 when they won the regional contest for young jazz musicians and were invited to take part in the federal contest in Hanover. After that, they gave concerts in the city of Halle, its surrounding area and beyond, e.g. at the Fete de la Musique in Hanover in summer 2010.

In 2011, HPE participated in the federal contest for young jazz musicians in Dortmund and received a number of special awards. Since then, they have performed at popular events such as the Federal Gardening Exhibition in Koblenz and the Maschsee Festival in Hanover as well as in other German cities. Recently the band gave a concert in Brussels, Belgium.

Wherever they performed, the young musicians were met by an enthusiastic audience and praised by the media. What is unique about Halle Percussion Ensemble is the wide variety of instruments played by the six musicians aged between 19 and 26. Each instrument has its special sound and function in the general arrangement: The background bass is played by four kettledrums, with the marimba-phone, vibraphone and the piano playing the tune and the harmonies. The whole musical concept is carried by a complex interplay of rhythms consisting of drums, congas, woodblocks, bongos and numerous other percussion instruments. Versatile and well thought-out arrangements as well as impressive solos make up the typical sound of Halle Percussion Ensemble.

Listeners are always fascinated by the musicians’ enthusiasm, and every performance of Halle Percussion Ensemble is an extraordinary experience.

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